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Past the Point - Joomla Template setup instructions - Step 7: Left and Right columns


Step 7: Left and Right columns

Lastly, you most probably noticed the columns provided down the left & right hand sides of the main content pages.

These two columns are filled by assigning modules to the following module positions (displayed in the following order):

  • Left: 'left', 'position-3', 'position-4', 'position-5'
  • Right: 'right', 'position-6', 'position-7', 'position-8'

These columns are designed so that if no modules are assigned, they will not display. This makes it possible to have a 1 (main column), 2 (left & main, or main & right), or 3 column (left, main & right) layout, e.g.

Main column only (see demo):

Page layout: Main column

Left & Main columns (see demo):

Page layout: Left & Main columns

Main & Right columns (see demo):

Page layout: Main & Right columns

Left, Right & Main columns (see demo):

Page layout: Left, Main & Right columns

That concludes the setup instructions for the Past the Point template - we hope you found them useful.