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Past the Point - Joomla Template setup instructions - Step 4: Breadcrumbs


Step 4: Breadcrumbs

Note: the template is setup so that the breadcrumbs do not appear on the Home page. To see your breadcrumbs on the frontend, browse to one of the internal pages from the main navigation.

The sample data in our demonstration already comes with an existing 'Breadcrumbs' module, so all we need to do is assign it to the 'breadcrumbs' position.

Have a look in your list of existing Joomla! modules for a module of the type 'Breadcrumbs', possibly named 'Breadcrumbs':

Existing breadcrumbs module

Assign this module to the 'breadcrumbs' module position, and ensure that the 'Module Assignment' is set to 'On all pages'.

We also like to set 'Show "You are here"' in the Basic Options pane to 'No' because we think it looks a little better this way.

Breadcrumbs module settings

If you refresh your frontend website and click through to one of the internal pages, you should now see the breadcrumbs appear just underneath the site heading.